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Greg Koschtial, originally from Michigan, has lived in Wyoming since 1982, fabricating jewelry of silver and gold since the late 1980’s.  Self-taught, Koschtial specializes in Elk Ivories, Bear and Cougar Claws, along with building jewelry of turquoise and other stones.

Greg and his wife Sue spent twenty years in Jackson Hole, owning the Warbonnet, and ten more years in Cody, Wyoming owning B-Dazzled.  They bought and sold a lot of jewelry, allowing Greg to use customer tastes and preferences to shape his approach to jewelry design.

Greg’s earliest jewelry was modern – bold, symmetrical and substantial.  Later designs reflected the imagery of the native people from New Mexico and Arizona.  Many pieces are one of a kind while others feature repeated patterns of proven popularity.

More recently and most popular are Nature’s Tracks, a developing collection of biologically correct impressions of animal tracks stamped directly into silver and gold.  Yellowstone Tracks™ are the fresh footprints of Grizzly and Black Bear, Elk, Buffalo, Cougar and Wolf.  Safari Tracks pays tribute to Africa’s most respected wildlife with the Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Cape Buffalo.

“All pieces are designed to feel both substantial and comfortable.  I hope one of them makes you smile!”  -  Greg


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